Identity Theft

Identity Theft Protection in the Digital Age

Credits: 1 credit
Length of Course: 1 hour
Category: Finance
Delivery Method: Group Live

Do you know how much your identity is worth on the black market? As little as one dollar. That’s because in this digital age, our personal information is virtually everywhere—and painless to steal.

It’s a new year and nearly every detail of our personal lives is on the Internet. A study of 200 major companies shows over 60% leak of personal information—like your email address—across the web.

In the past few years, over​ a billion records​ have been compromised—and companies like Equifax, Sony, Facebook and Target have suffered.
Identity Theft Protection is a serious and growing necessity. There is a lot to learn from our expertise that can protect your clients from any possible breaches.

Below are some sobering facts about the new reality we face:

  • 20% of victims don’t find out about accounts opened fraudulently for 4 years.
  • 66% of incidents involve hackers opening new lines of credit without your knowledge.

Our founder and CEO, Anthony Davenport, will go over topics that will equip you with rare insights to provide knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Subjects include:

  • Best practices to protect yourself from identity theft—the fastest growing crime in the country.
  • Who is generally targeted and How.
  • What it means when your tax return is fraudulently filed—and what to do about it.
  • How valuable your email address is—and how easy it is to steal.
  • Why people are specifically after your health care information.
  • 7 Steps to Recover after your Identity has been stolen.

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