Credit Management

How To Manage And Protect Credit For Pro Athletes & Entertainers

Credits: 1 credit
Length of Course: 1 hour
Category: Finance and Personal Development
Delivery Method: Group Live

As a business manager for athletes and entertainers, your clients have it all: riches, talent, and the superstar status. However, they may lack strong credit—which inevitably translates to less-than-optimal buying power.

This course and our services can help ensure your client’s credit needs are met from when they first get drafted, obtain their first record deal or acting role to their post-career lives.

Emerging athletes and entertainers with little to no credit can have difficulty obtaining even basic items such as credit cards, rental homes, car loans and finance tours.

Similarly, even with an established credit portfolio, clients in their mid or late careers need to maintain strong credit as well as secure identity protection in advance of retirement. This course can assist you in learning the best way to develop and protect your client’s credit.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to help your clients build strong credit profiles so they may make the purchases they desire, as well as obtain a premier credit card.
  • How to build Business Credit as well as how it can save your clients from certain liabilities.
  • How to best handle a collections account payment.
  • How to obtain a mortgage at optimal rates.
  • Managing credit during and after divorce.
  • Protecting credit from identity theft—to which high net worth and high profile individuals are extremely susceptible.

Regal Credit Management helps clients build, protect, and manage their highly liable credit profiles and identities. This course is taught by the founder and CEO of RCM, Anthony Davenport, who is the author of Amazon’s Best Selling Top 100 book: ​Your Score​, has lectured ​Harvard​ students about financial literacy and has spoken alongside Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, about credit protection for athletes and youth. Anthony has also been quoted in multiple publications such as ​Forbes​ and ​Oprah Magazine​ as well as been featured on a ​Good Day New York​ segment as a credit expert for high net worth individuals. Each of our staff members is FICO® certified, including Anthony, having a skilled understanding of credit management.

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