Credit Protection
The only solution designed for high net-worth and high-profile individuals.
High net worth and high-profile individuals are the most frequently targeted victims of identity theft.

RCM puts a complete block on their credit profile which eliminates the possibility of a thief opening new fraudulent trade lines.

The number of Americans Whose Information Was Exposed in the 2017 Equifax Hack.
Data Breaches
Affecting Financial Organizations alone in 2017 – Up From 780 in 2015.
High Profile/ Net Worth

43% of high net worth individuals are targets. 8.1% will be victims this year. Their risk is 70% higher than the average.

Are you ready with the ONLY Solution Designed to
Manage Risk for Your High-Net Worth and High-Profile Individuals?

Regal’s Credit Block ensures the safety of your client’s data, while protecting your reputation as gatekeeper of their information. Many financial institutions offer credit monitoring or fraud alerts but, by itself, those do NOT prevent identity theft & credit fraud. This service is the most effective means to protect credit and identity theft as thieves are stopped before they can even utilize the stolen data.

How does it work?

Regal’s Credit Block is a 23-step process managed completely by RCM from start to finish – making a seemingly daunting process, simple.

With our hands-on approach and expertise, you can trust that we can block your credit with ease.

Lock It

We lock your profile down.

Review It

Your profile is then reviewed by a certified FICO expert.

Monitor It

You can enroll in an optional credit monitoring service.

Unlock It

To unlock it, just contact us at:

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