After a series of Data Breaches among big corporations, you know more than ever that Your Mobile Phone Could Expose Your Crypto Assets to Cybercrime

Nowadays, our mobile phones are never further than an arm’s reach away. And they contain volumes of personal and financial information that, in the wrong hands, could compromise your safety and security. 

If you’ve invested in cryptocurrency, you’re at risk of becoming the target of cybercrime — and what’s more, cybercriminals can take over your fortune for as little as $12! Online people finder sites put your personal information on the web, including your address and phone number. A phone number and your cell provider is all it takes for a cybercriminal to conduct a simple scheme known as “SIM swapping,” in which they contact your cell provider to transfer your data to a new number that they control. They can also use your cell phone to outsmart two-step identity verification processes and change passwords for any app or account that is linked to your phone number. 

So how big of a risk is it, really? In 2019 and 2020, hackers stole a record $4.5 billion and $1.9 billion in bitcoin from individuals and corporations, respectively (and that’s only the documented cases). Over 155 million people were affected by data breaches last year. With a few simple personal details out in the open, it’s easier than ever for cybercriminals to control your assets—and your life. One victim lost $24 million from a SIM swapping takeover that left his passwords and accounts vulnerable. 

The good news: you can take back control. Regal Credit Management helps investors like you outsmart cybercriminals and clear your personal information from the web. Through our CyberSweep™ services, we scour people-finder sites, gossip sites, and other public databases that may compromise your security by sharing personal details. We find and remove your (or your clients’) personal details from wherever they are—continuing to monitor for new sites and data breaches that may share your information. We know what’s at stake, and we bolster your protection so you never have to worry about personal details putting your fortune at risk. 

Take your protection one step further with Credit Block that prevents thieves from opening up fraudulent lines of credit in your name. Our complementary service, CyberSweep™ also monitors the internet to remove your sensitive data from people search databases that are legally buying and selling your personal information. With the power in your hands, your data is more secure now than ever!

Don’t leave your cryptocurrency up for grabs. Keep cybercriminals at bay — and contact Regal Credit Management to start your identity protection today. Reach us through our socials! 

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