You May Be More Vulnerable to Cybercrime and Cyber Attacks Than You Think

Hacker Image by AKE

The U.S. is a prime target for cybercrime, and this is largely due to an ID tag that nearly every American possesses: our social security numbers

Social security numbers (SSNs) form the basis for identification in the U.S. They’re used for a range of things, but few Americans realize how easy they are to piece together. Only the last four digits are actually randomized; the first five are determined by when and where you were born. This makes it easy for cybercriminals to find yours — and use it to wreak havoc on your finances. 

If you’re convinced your identifying information is secure online—think again. In the first half of 2019, 30% of consumers were affected by corporate data breaches, with information leaking from easy targets like grocery stores, banks, and department stores. In addition to SSNs, these breaches compromised drivers’ license numbers, medical histories, and financial records. They also occurred across a range of sectors, including business, banking, government, and education. 

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