Quick Security Tips for Accountants

Security Tips

Our panel of experts want to provide relevant, easy to implement solutions that accountants can provide to clients and implement themselves.  Often advice like this goes way beyond what someone would actually do. We will be covering simple solutions for cyber security for individuals and businesses,as well as physical security for high profile individuals.

  • ID Theft Prevention for High Net Worth Individuals
  • Cyber Security: Individual and Corporate Level
  • Physical Security

Giveaway Tips

Physical Security-

  • Read crime reports for the area/s you are about to visit
  • Identify medical facilities that speak your language, or English
  • Consider medical evacuation insurance
  • Act in accordance with the crime report’s threat level, i.e. no jewlery, public drunkenness, walking alone in dark and non-populated areas, etc.

Corporate Security

  • Put a Senior Person in charge – ISM (Information Security Manager) – and provide them with support with a Steering Committee, or incorporate security responsibilities on existing Committee Members
  • Manage Cyber Risk with just as much diligence as operational and financial risk, consider cyber liability insurance
  • Just like having an Employee Handbook, implement risk-driving Information Security Policies and Standards
  • Train and Educate Personnel
  • Manage Vendors & 3rd Party Security
  • Manage IT Infrastructure from “Information Security Point of View”
  • Be Prepared to be hit!

Individual Cyber Security

  • Password Management Tools – Roboform, LastPass, KeyPass
  • Notifications and Alerts – for online banking, credit cards
  • Setup security freeze and monitoring with all 3 credit bureaus, or have a professional do so for you
  • Keep home systems patched and updated

Personal Credit

  • Lock down your credit by placing a security freeze on it
  • Check your credit report at least once a year
  • Avoid using your debit card in places where it will leave your sight