Payments to Regal made more convenient and secured with ACH!

We are beyond grateful that you chose to bring Regal Credit Management to yet another year for your credit management concerns.

The Regal Team knows that creating and maintaining a secure credit profile is paramount, that’s why we make special efforts behind the scenes for you. We have been upgrading our infrastructure to offer you, our clients, a more convenient; accessible, and no-sweat system that makes us adapt to the digital realm.

To maintain this high quality of service, the existing framework and support needed to be updated and innovated. In line with that, we have partnered with Stripe to provide another payment gateway option that makes accepting ACH payments effortless and hassle-free.

That means:

  • Quick transfers with low transaction fees
  • Reduced failed payments (overcharged cards, check failures)
  • Easier and simpler billing
  • And of course, a more convenient and secure way of paying for any of Regal Credit Management services!

That’s only one of the many good news that Regal Credit Management has in store for you. Again, thank you again for being a valued client. Cheers to your continued success!

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