Coming to America: How to Build Credit in the US

For many UK citizens relocating to the US, the realities of navigating the post-financial crisis world do not quite reflect the ideal way of thinking that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. Often, credit built in the UK does not transfer well to our shores, or the absence of a credit history may cause severe headaches—leaving these relocating citizens unable to pay for a car, a home, or any major investment by taking out a loan. Even renting a car, booking a hotel room, and acquiring mortgages.

I have devoted my career to helping individuals from a variety of backgrounds—from immigrants to pro athletes—building their credit and protecting their credit scores. I currently teach the essentials through a fun, incredibly valuable speaking engagement. Together, we can educate you, or your clients, on credit development and help them save thousands. During the seminar, the following will be discussed:

  • Lightning strategy to establish an A+ credit rating in 90 days.
  • Best strategies to build credit that will last for many years to come.
  • Basics of the US credit systems, rules of the game.
  • Why credit protection is necessary and, how to manage and protect an ideal credit profile.
  • The FICO scoring model and what it consists of.
  • How to avoid medical collections, which affect over a third of the Americans.
  • Overview of different VISA types.
  • A few of my convenient, myth-dispelling tips about credit, like these published by Wise Piggy.

Regal Credit Management is one of the largest credit management companies in the U.S. Every staff member has advanced FICO® certification, and a deft understanding of credit management. We’ve helped countless high net worth individuals—from pro-athletes to celebrities—build, protect, and manage strong credit. Our CEO has given Forbes-worthy advice on credit protection. He’s spoken on credit management alongside Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, to Harvard students about financial literacy, and NFL athletes on credit management and protection.

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