Maximizing your Home Purchasing Power

When purchasing a home you have a lot on your mind – condo or house, which neighborhood to live in, which banks to shop and more.  However, you might not be giving as much thought about how to prepare your credit as you should.

Fine-tuning your knowledge of credit management can help ensure that you secure homes and investment properties—while obtaining the best rates, options and monthly payment. Our CEO has been quoted in publications such as Seattle TimesWise PiggyNerdwallet and more due to an extensive knowledge about the home buying process.

We’ll discuss:

  • Ways to maximize your purchasing power and ensure the lowest monthly payment.
  • Ways to Quickly and Legitimately Improve your credit scores.
  • Best Strategies to shop for mortgage rates and products.
  • Crunch Time: What to do 45 days before you apply for a loan.
  • 7 Must Do Steps to Ensure that your Loan Process Goes Smoothly.

Regal Credit Management is one of the largest credit management companies in the U.S. Every staff member has advanced FICO® certification and a deft understanding of credit management. We’ve helped countless high net worth individuals —pro athletes-athletes to celebrities—build, protect, and manage strong credit. Our CEO has given Forbes-worthy advice on credit protection. He’s spoken on credit management alongside Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, to Harvard students about financial literacy, and NFL athletes on credit management and protection.